Pepperkit is a black speckled white tom with green eyes.

Pepperkit is born to Tinypelt and Mosspuddle. When Pepperkit, Berrykit, Toadkit and Riverkit where born Tinypelt asked if he could name him Pepperkit for his black speckled coat. Pondfeather disagrees saying he should be called Snowkit. But Mosspuddle snaps at him he is not his kit now and he will be called Pepperkit. When Pepperkit goes outside he hears Pondfeather and Tinypelt talking about Toadkit. Mosspuddle asks what Pepperkit is doing here and he asks why he didn't look like them. Tinypelt said he had the same colours and looked more unique. Pepperkit nuzzles Tinypelt and trots back into the nursery to play with his littermates. He is seen with his littermates in ThunderClan after his half siblings 'accidently' lost them after taking them on an adventure.

He is seen again at a gathering announcing his apprenticeship along with his littermates. Silvercloud overhears Berrypaw saying that Pepperpaw and Rainpaw are quite close.